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Mar 14, 2014
Using OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks instead of the latest version I now and then come across apps that I can't use. Regarding apps from the Mac App store I was wondering if there's some way to download older versions (if available)?

I ask because I also have an (older model) iPad which doesn't run the latest IOS, but I've found a way to be able to download older versions of IOS apps as long as they're available. Maybe this is possible with OSX apps as well, but how?

If you purchased your apps from MAS then go to "Purchases" and click "Install". You will be warned that in order to run the newest version of the app you should upgrade your OS X to the minimal supported one but that there's the latest available version for the OS X version you currently running. Hit "OK" and the download will start. I was able to download iPhoto, iMovie, iBook Author and bunch of other apps this way. It's effective regarding every app in your Purchases history and is a lot easier to accomplish on Mac than on iOS.
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The MAS works the same as the iOS store. If you have it purchased you can just reinstall from your Purchased tab. If you're looking for iPhoto, I don't think this method works on Mavericks sadly. It will try to update you to iPhoto 9.6.1 which only works on Yosemite or newer.


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Sep 11, 2008
Without proof, your message could be misinformation as well ;).

Seriously, I would be interested to know how you download older versions of an app from the MAS.
The method was given already in earlier posts - when you have purchased the app. The problem comes when you have not already purchased an app. If you are on an older version of OS than an app requires then the app store will not let you purchase the app. Possibly this can be worked around if you have access to a newer OS that does support the app: buy the app with your apple id on the newer version OS and then go to your purchases on the older OS, hopefully it will give you the same option as if you have purchased it earlier. (Note I have not tried this as I do not have a newer OS).

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Mar 14, 2014
On occasion MAS couldn't allow to download an older version if it doesn't store it on its servers. For example, I wasn't able to download the version of iBook Author for Lion although it gave me such an option for Mavericks.
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