iPhone 8(+) Downloading on an iPhone Pro Con Damage?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DrWho, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Are there any articles/opinions on tech websites that try to analyse or list, the virtues or pros and cons of downloading files on an iPhone or using third party iOS download apps (the one’s where you have to connect your phone to your computer (unless the app gives you the option of BlueTooth/Airdrop or Wi-Fi transfer) and go into File Sharing on iTunes (because I don’t know how else you can get the files off of it)

    I am a big believer in this, I take advantage of it way too much, I consider it second nature (like breathing) you don’t have to be reminded to do it, I do it so often that I almost feel like it’s programmed into me, like an automatic response

    I archive/donwload historical events and things that happen during the day (that I think are important) wether it be someone died, a horrible school shooting, and also the lighter side of history like the elon musk car in space and stuff like that.

    On FaceBook, at least it has a saved function so I can come back to it later, and it is easier on a computer than a phone to download clips or short videos.

    I also have in my phone plan 65GB a month in available data (it’s not unlimited, and I don’t want unlimited) but I never go over that limit, I download a lot, and it suits me fine. I also get TV shows throughout the day, through various file sharing websites, if I am walking around,
    and Wi-Fi is unavailable, using mobile data. I then get home at the end of the day, connect my iPhone, and transfer the files off manually

    Through doing this multiple times, at least with my previous iPhone Model my old 6s, I got burn in/ghosting on my phone’s screen, and it takes ages for whatever app I am using (if I am using it too long, to fade away) I am also aware of, when you are downloading anything, the battery drain is unbelievable, I even notice it on my brand new iPhone 8 Plus and I haven’t even had it that long, I still don’t understand how this drains the battery?

    And of course there is a massive space difference, some apps I have that play the videos, will tell me I have anywhere from 80-40GB left on my iPhone, yet testing it with Settings/About and iPhone storage, it gives me another number, I still don’t quite understand how this works.

    Through multiple times I do this, there are always pop-ups to endure, and sex sites, things that would give you Malware and Viruses if you were on a computer (though I don’t think it affects an iPhone... I hope not)

    Of course this is my own experience and I don’t know if this happens to everyone or just me

    Other than what I have/continue to endure/experience while doing this daily, (apologising for the rant) Am I doing any extended or potentially permanent damage to my iPhone? And like I said earlier, are there articles/opinions or anything I can read that goes into more detail, saying wether or not I should be doing it?
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    Apr 18, 2018
    Not too sure about the apps you are talking about. As for why the battery drains quickly, it is because you are making your phone work. The modem is working connect to the net, the disk drive needs to write whatever you are downloading, etc. Your phone should feel hot while downloading. Where is that energy coming from? Your battery.

    I don't think that there is a real demand for such analysis. But here is what I know.


    1) Malware. Downloading lots of stuff have the danger of getting malware into your phone. While iOS should generally virus-free, the same cannot be said of malwares. And your surfing habits ("there are always pop-ups to endure, and sex sites, things that would give you Malware and Viruses if you were on a computer") sounds like a party for these malware. However, this is not limited to just downloading on iPhones. you may want to review the sites where you download from.

    2) Battery life. As you have experienced, such habits kill battery life, and it can be be a hassle if you have to carry many portable batteries. Furthermore, Li batteries have limited cycles and deteriorate more rapidly when heated, so your battery may need replacing earlier than expected.

    3) Storage. Smartphones have limited storage space, and iPhone have limited options for expandable storage. Downloading lots of stuff will eat up storage space quickly, which could become a problem when you are near full capacity. Having to constantly sync with itunes for file management can also be inconvenient.

    4) Cost. Apple charges a premium for storage space, while the cost of 65GB data plan can be quite significant, especially over the years.


    5) If this is what makes you tick; you get to enjoy your content wherever and whenever

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