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Mar 11, 2005
Hi All,

I just installed a new HD 7krpm 60 g Hitachi Travelstar a week ago and was very impressed with the result. Along with it is I a also upgraded the RAM to 768 mb. After dowloading free icons and screensavers from apple mac os x site last night, I noticed that the hard drive seemed nosier and the dreaded beachball appeared again-though only for a short period. Fearing I might be doing something wrong (I am a novice to computers), I readily trashed the things I downloaded. Afterwhich, I can still hear that the HD is producing continous busy sound. When I open my computer today, I notice the HD is producing continous sound.

Could anyone teach me how to clean up what I installed? I think I am not doing the right thing here. Maybe there is a process I need to do when trashing downloaded items I already copied in the Applications folder. Your help will be much appreciated.



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Nov 24, 2002
Dunno if it'll help, but have you tried repairing permissions? That or using a program called Onyx, running the daily, weekly & monthly 'house cleaning' tasks?

You could also try opening the Activity Monitor: Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. It will let you see what processes are running and the memory & CPU time they are using.


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Aug 21, 2004
If the noise persists, return the HD to Hitachi for replacement. You should have a warranty on it. I have their 40 gig 5400 Travelstar and it is quiet as a church mouse.
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