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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by benghaith, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Nov 4, 2008
    :)Hello everyone!:)

    I need to describe the situation first before I post my question; I own three Mac systems in my home and one at my office, and all running the latest version of Mac OS X, the three that is in my home is connected to a WiFi "Home-Based" network which our ISP do not charge on transferring and/or downloading files from the internet, which is cool:D!! the problem is with the other one which is in my office, it is connected to a "Business-Based" network the charges fees on downloading files from the internet:mad:, my Q comes now; is there any kind of solution or software that can collect the update information from my Office Mac then transfer it to my home Mac via a flash memory -let as say a small file that contains updates lists for a targeted system- then download the updates that is specific to the office Mac from my home Mac to a flash drive again?
    I tried to write down a list with the required updates for my Office Mac after using the "Software Update" under the Apple main menu, but when I search for these updates from my home Mac, it never shows me what has been listed exactly on the office Mac!!:confused:
    It is frustrating to carry my office Mac to my home to keep it up-to-date; you agree.
    I'm looking forward for your response and thank you all

    "I love my Mac"
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Yes, there is a simple solution but it does not include searching for the update files on the other Mac and does not require additional software either. Take your note detailing the updates needed (version and size info included) and head to the "free downloading" Mac. With it, head to Apple Downloads and locate the exact matching update files, then download them and pop them onto your flash drive- or download them right to the flash drive.

    Pay close attention to the files if you happen to have PowerPC Macs in addition to Intel based Macs in your mix, as some files (usually System updates) will have two versions listed in the download section- one for PPC and one for Intel.

    Also, if your mix are not all running the same version of OSX pay attention too. Some files (Quicktime and iTunes come to mind) have different versions for different versions of the OS.

    I do this all the time for my GF since I have cable modem and she is stuck with dialup. If the details above taken into account, it works great and provides her with a lot of the large updates that she would put off as long as possible (maybe forever on some of the huge System Updates) if I were not able to do this for her. ;) Not to mention that I can download the appropriate files for her PPC Mac using my Intel based Mac!

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