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Jul 2, 2011
So I killed my macbook pro with an amount of spilled water that's very hard to imagine being so dangerous. Was browsing web and tipped a water bottle half over (I even caught it darnit) and a couple drops went into either the hinge area and/or top of upper row of keys. Anyway, enough to immediately turn the macbook off, and I think the light on the cord even went out. After a recent water incident with an iphone I did a few things that I had learned from that, which was not trying to turn it back on, turning it upside down so any water might escape and unhooking the power cord. Unfortunately, I do not have a screwdriver small enough to remove the bottom and the battery so was unable to disconnect battery power. Anyway, I left it like that for 24 hours or so in a well ventilated area, then when I was moving it I immediately saw the apple light up and the screen come on with the apple logo. I immediately turned it off, and let it sit another two days. I am positive that it is completely dry and tried to turn it on tonight, first unplugged then plugged in. Neither turned it on, and I let it charge for awhile and still nothing. I am OK with the fact that I probably messed it up pretty seriously and it will require a repair or replacement board or whatever. Everything on it is still backed up via Time Machine, I do have applecare but I know they won't cover spills.

So to a novice like me, what course should I take and what expense will this course produce? I really don't want to do technical stuff myself as I think I suck at it and will mess it up. I am willing to pay for it to be repaired but what do you guys think I need to repair and where I should bring it? Does that void my applecare if something else ever goes wrong or will it bring the warranty back if I pay apple to fix it (I still have two years)? I don't use it a lot but I will be needing it soon as a portable audio "workstation" and would rather return it to its previous state than get a new one.

Thanks, just some advice will make me feel better, and if anyone knows what this will set me back monetarily I'd just like to know.

I realize that this is a common thing but I've read many threads that are identical to mine that turn out to be nothing once it's dried, but this instance is pretty much a lost cause I think.

Thanks, Ree


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Sep 20, 2011
First of all, I'm sorry to hear that.

My advice, bring it to an Apple store and nowhere else. I have no idea how much it is going to cost but it will depend of the actual damage anyway, they will open and check. Maybe there's only one thing to be replaced and they will know for sure, better than bringing it to somewhere else and they decide to change the whole thing and then you have to pay twice the price.

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Jun 1, 2011
Your options are to either tear it down and try cleaning/drying off the internals, possibly having to replace a few on your own or you could take the opposite route and take it in to Apple for an authorized repair and pay whatever they quote. It's not easy to say how much it could cost, if it won't start up at all though you are most likely looking at a lot of money for the repair. It could be bad enough to simply cut your losses and invest in a new computer instead, but hopefully it is not.


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Mar 30, 2011
Sorry about the accident, however liquid spills are fairly common. Usually the only way to keep your AC warranty is an "out of pocket" repair from Apple or an approved service provider.

My best advise is prepare for a fairly large ouch/cost. It is sometimes more economical to part out a fairly new machine and apply the proceeds toward something new, refurbished or used.

Again, best wishes and good luck, going forward.