Dr David Potter founder of Psion comes out of retirement - for 'Gemini' (Psion 5)

Nick Milner

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Aug 15, 2017
I LOVED my Psion 3c. I bought the development kit which came with three huge ring bound manuals and the SDK. The Psion OS was a masterpiece of object oriented design back before OOD was fashionable. Hero.
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Sep 16, 2012
North Wales
A video of the 'Gemini' (Psion Series 5) at Mobile World SF earlier this week.
apparantly the keyboard on the prototypes were not quite right. But anyone who has used a Psion 5 will know how awesome the user experience is.

Also Edward Hasbroucks' blog:
https://hasbrouck.org/blog/archives/002303.html who as also at Mobile World.
They are still hoping to launch Gemini in Dec '17
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