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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doctor Q, Aug 2, 2005.

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    I have a problem with iPhoto 5.

    I am viewing the photos in an album (in what used to be called Organize mode) and I want to change their order. I drag a photo to another row in the display. If that row happens to be the topmost or bottommost visible row, the display will scroll. The trouble is that sometimes it scrolls so fast I can't react before it is at the very top, while othertimes it scrolls at a reasonable pace so I can stop on the row I want.

    For example, I have 80 photos, with 20 rows of photos and 4 photos per row. Three rows of photos are visible at a time with the window size I'm using. I want to move a photo from row 10 to row 6. However, when I drag it upwards, the display scrolls at superspeed to row 1 before I can drop it where I want. If I then drag it back down from row 1 to try to drop it in row 6, it scrolls down so fast I'm at row 20 before I can react. I try again later with a different photo in the same collection and it scrolls at a perfectly reasonable speed. What's going on!?!?

    Is this a bug? When does it happen or not happen? What can I do about it?
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    Yup... mine does the same but not sure if it's a bug or just the mouse accelleration getting carried away! Excel (XP) does it at work regularly too.

    I must confess that I've now just started lowering the size of the pictures so that there are more on the page without scrolling so it doesn't affect me so much.
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    I have this issue with Finder as well... and with Explorer in Windows.

    I don't think it's *mouse* acceleration -- at this point, the mouse isn't moving, right? It's the scrolling mechanism for the content window -- they're usually designed so that the speed of scroll ramps from slow to "infinity" as you get closer to the window edge, and I find that they cross the threshold into the infinity range all too easily. :(

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