Dragon Age II and MBP

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Pentad, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Nov 26, 2003
    I wanted to share my fantastic experience with Dragon Age II and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great game on the Mac. As most of us are aware, our favorite platform doesn't received all the latest games (though its getting better) so when a game is released for both Mac and PC its a rare event.

    Even better, DA and DA II are very good games with excellent graphics and a nice story line. I thoroughly enjoyed DA so when DA II was released I was eager to see how they had improved from their first endeavor. I'm happy to say it is a worthy successor.

    If you are on the fence about purchasing this game let me give you some thoughts that might persuade you:

    -If you purchase either DA or DA II you not only get the Mac version but the Windows version as well. So for the price you are getting two versions of the game. I played the Mac version and installed the Windows version for my kids.

    -I like to support the developers that are willing to take a risk on the Mac platform so buying helps to persuade them to continue releasing both platforms.

    -You can purchase the DVD at a retail store or download it online. I purchased from Direct to Drive since they have coupons for returning customers and also have sales from time to time.

    -If you purchase the Mac version don't forget to install the Hi-Res Texture Pack. It says 'Windows only' but its really just textures that work fine on the Mac version. You do need 1 Gig of Video Memory to use the HR Pack though.

    -You can play as different characters so the game offers numerous outcomes.

    I'm never sure how much the community is aware of new software so I wanted to share my experience. I hope this was helpful.

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    To your left or right
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    Good stuff thanks for sharing. I haven't bothered playing it much but did D2D give you the option to D/L for either platform? The install DVD I used was Windows. Anyway I loved DA1 and only got to touch DA2 thus far. Been lazy to play it, got Crysis 2 and upcoming Portal 2 =D
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    Feb 26, 2011
    Thanks for the post. It looks like Dragon Age 1 and 2 are available on Steam but only for Windows. I'd say Direct to Drive or the DVD would be the best way to go for this game...
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    Feb 16, 2008
    One additional advantage that DA2 has now is that it does NOT require the original DVD to play the game. I am playing on my Macbook Air and used the remote disk feature of the Mac to perform the install. The retail version comes with both versions of the game and once you "activate" online you will not need a disk to continue to play.

    I did not by the Gametree Online version because I was not sure if the download was Mac only or not.

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