OS X Dragon Age Origins $4.99 on amazing today

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by davelanger, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    Awesome game. It's soooooo much better than the sequel. Hopefully the developers live up to the promises of making the third like the first.
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    This is EA there is probably no DRM free version sadly. The DRM is annoying.
  5. MagnusVonMagnum, Dec 22, 2013
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    I picked it up yesterday from Amazon along with Dragon Age II for $4.99 as well. Some people were saying that the activation codes didn't work from Amazon, but mine activated just fine for both games. I did get the DLC "internal error" for the extras when installing, but going to the Bioware Social Network site after setting up allows you to enter the "entitlement code" there under Profile/Promo Codes and that installed it all just fine for both games. Since I already have Dragon Age Origins (original release) for the PC on there, all the online content I bought for it showed up for the Mac version as well even before I ran the Promo code.

    I just tried it out and on my i7 Mac Mini with Intel 4000HD, it runs perfectly smooth with ultra high detail and frame buffer effects at 1024x640 and ultra high detail without frame buffer effects at 1280x800 widescreen. It runs smooth with an occasional slowdown at 1650x1050 (native resolution of my monitor) with ultra high detail and without frame buffer (it would probably slow with a lot of monsters on screen at once, though). I'm using 1280x800 so it's super smooth.

    I ran the Patch to 1.05 update, but I can't find any way offhand to verify the patch worked as advertised (all the online checks mention the Windows configuration screen option that shows the file versions, but as far as I can tell, there is no such screen on the Mac version). Given I saw the patch running through the files, I'll just assume it worked.

    Edit: I found that GetInfo on the main game application file shows the version number and yes it did update to V1.05 just fine.
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    Did you really need to mention this on 5 different threads in a row?
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    I mentioned it in passing along with the relevant response to each thread as I was looking to see if others were having various issues (patch, activiation, etc.). I didn't start those threads, after all. Does one line of text bother you so much, particularly when a game I once paid $60 for the PC version is now so cheap for the Mac? Sorry for being excited about a good deal. :rolleyes:

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