Dragon Emperor's Challenge - Solitaire for Big Brains !

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    In 215 BC Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the Dragon Emperor, charged his scribes to create a challenge for the bravest and brightest of his people.
    In a secret mountain location the Dragon Emperor's Challenge was built.

    Are you brave enough, smart enough to beat the Dragon Emperor's Challenge?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Move the tiles into the correct order within 3 shuffles or suffer the dire consequences! To those who succeed,
    unimaginable riches. Death to those who fail.

    Featuring an intuitive interface and design, 3D graphics and artwork by a professional effects animator.
    Created over eight months of extensive development and testing, to optimize fun and playability.

    The Dragon Emperor’s Challenge is a game that provokes you to think holistically.
    It challenges both your logical and creative mind.


    Are you brave enough, smart enough to beat the Dragon's Emperor's Challenge?

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    Don't think I'd be tempted, but I think the Emperor's policy might cause a brain-drain among his cabinet.

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