dreamweaver and IE advice


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Jun 22, 2007
louisville, ky
i'm using dreamweaver cs3 and my images come up in the right spot in safari and firefox but when i check it out on my husband's pc in internet explorer, my images are about 75 pixels lower than they should be. has anyone else had this problem or know of a way to fix it?
here's the link:



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Jun 13, 2004
You need to post a link to your website or page in question so that we can examine your code. Otherwise we would be just looking for a needle in a haystack.


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Oct 12, 2005
Different browsers will display content in different ways, if add the Netscape fix it might fix your problem however without being able to look at the site we can only guess........


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Nov 29, 2005
a simulacrum
nice desing on your site, first of all.
why do you open it in a different window after the user clicks on "enter site"?
a common rule of thumb is not to use an "enter site" screen since it's just clutter and one click too many for the user to get to the content.

did you make this on fireworks or something similar?
you are using tables in there, so that shouldn't really be happening, since tables are very strict thingies when it comes to layout...
i'd suggest trying to do the whole thing with more css/less tables, but that might get you into more trouble since you may need more hacks for the css to display properly cross browser...

looks fine on IE7 though... maybe your husband has an older version IE?