Dreamweaver is looking for .lbi files in wrong folder (?)

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by sk3pt1c, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Hey, so we have some .lbi files in the root folder of the site (I know they're supposed to be in the Library folder but this is how it was when I got this job).

    So far whenever I've made an update and clicked on "Update Site" and "look in: entire site", DW has updated the relevant pages with the changes.

    Recently, i made a change to the main_menu.lbi and it won't propagate it to all the pages using it, which is all the pages of course.

    It says the .lbi can't be found and it's looking for it on the site's parent level, so instead of parent/site/ it's looking for the .lbi in parent/ when it sees the .lbi files in the parent/site/ folder just fine so i can edit them and so on.

    I have moved them all in the Library folder and clicked on "Update Links" but nothing has changed. It didn't update all the pages with the new links to the .lbi files.

    What's the dealio here?

    I have tried recreating the cache and removing and redoing the site's definition to no avail.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Dreamweaver saves each library item as a separate file (with the file extension .lbi) in the Library folder of the site's local root folder.

    So if your document root is: /var/www/html

    Expect all .lbi to exist in: /var/www/html/Library

    Excellent help on this kind of thing:

    Pay careful attention to the part on recreating a library file since things got moved around - these files are cached so you need to follow the procedures outlined. Always backup before attempting.

    As an aside I hope you charge the client what's deserved for your pain and suffering - this is one of those things that sucks since its so proprietary -- i.e. must be done a certain way to work at all. I am not fond of DW's templating system. My .02
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    fixed it, moved all .lbi files into the Library folder, updated their links, then did a search and replace on all files that used each library item, which relinked everything. took some time but everything works fine now.

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