Dreamweaver library items

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by cool11, May 20, 2007.

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    Dreamweaver library items

    I use dreamweaver for years, I like it but sometimes I try to understand how it works on specifics items.
    I wanna say that I work offline, I am not expertizing online on the real server, I think it is dangerous.

    Lets say, Ι use library items.
    For elements in web pages that are repeated over and over again, I thought it is useful to use library items. Select the object or tag and make it a library item.
    Then, if I have to alter something to this element, I modify it once in this .lbi page (library item) and all the attached web pages will be updated.

    Case 1: library item with graphic

    Until now I used library items with graphics.
    So when I modified the specific graphic, its name remained the same, and no other web page modified. These attached pages simply read the new library item with the new graphic (same name), so they did not being updated by dreamweaver.
    I mean, using the graphic file way, I have automatic update without need of updating files in real terms. Thats very good!

    Case 2: library item with html code
    But this do not happen if the libary item is html code. Something like a small table.
    Ok, I dont have to make modifications in every related file, that the good aspect of using library items.
    But dreamweaver has to modify ALL these pages, after my modification to the library item.
    Do you know what this means?
    It means that I have to upload ALL my files again!!!

    What a nightmare!
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Is there any other clever way to update a library item without having the dreamweaver modify all my attached files and needing to upload them?
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Yes, don't use dreamweaver. I like dreamweaver too, but it's library system really isn't effcient.

    Use SSI Includes instead.

    Google it. Link happens to be the first google result, but isn't necessarily the best.
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