Drive 2 external monitors at a time?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by spazer, Oct 22, 2008.

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    Can the new alu MacBook drive two external monitors at a time? While working at home at my desk, I would like to keep the MB lid closed, and drive two external monitors (a 20" and a 22"). Is this possible? Obviously, I would need an adaptor that could output to two separate DVI connections... does Apple even offer one of these?

    I ask, because I would like to replace my Lenovo X60 laptop, which is capable of the dual monitor output...

    This wouldn't work because it only outputs to 1 DVI connection:

    This is the type of connector that would be needed, but the Apple description doesn't mention supporting dual monitor support... just single 30" display support:
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    no the MacBook Pro only has one Display port out.

    you could try a device called as DualHead2Go which outputs an image onto two screens of the same resolution but at 32:10 and not 16:10 like a single screen so the dock will appear on both screens if at the bottom.

    but im not sure how this will work now with the MacBook Pro having Display Port.

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