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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MatthewLTL, Feb 5, 2015.

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    Jan 22, 2015
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    This is the 1st time I have ever ventured outside of the PowerPC Forum. So please do excuse the PowerPC references. Here is my questions:

    I have a eMac and a PowerMac G4 MDD FW800.

    I can get apple speakers that plug in the the RCA-Style 2.5mm audio jack on the back of my mac. Right now i have a amp hooked to my Mac via the 3.5mm jack with a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

    I have a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor and some portable unpowered speakers. If i used these speakers in the 2.5mm jack with the adaptor, how well would that work? Is it worth investing in some Apple HK speakers for these kind of G4s? (IIRC the iMac G4 also has this kind of speaker output) as well as the Cube (with a Adapter). Or is the sound better using the 3.5mm jack and a amp/power speakers like I am currently doing?

    As for the enclosure:

    What i am looking for is a 3.5" IDE enclosure. I have ALOT of IDE Hard Disks and would like a dedicated IDE enclosure. Problem is finding a IDE enclosure with a FW400/800 option isnt common. I can use SATA Drives in a enclosure via SATA to IDE adaptor. I would prefer a universal enclosure if possible (SATA/IDE 5.25"/3.5"/2.5") under $50 if possible.

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