Drive Genius 3 and defrag

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by thermodynamic, May 1, 2011.

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    May 3, 2009
    Howdy. I recently bought Drive Genius 3 (v3.1 is read on the label). I wasn't able to boot from the disc so I contacted their support - anyone else have that problem?

    I did hook up two drive chasses to my MBP and did a successful drive cloning from the source disk to the destination (so it's worth the money), but has anybody tried the defragment utility? If so, is it worth the time to use?

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    1. Apple controls the release of the information (code) needed for companies to create bootable system disks so they always lag behind, and can't boot the latest models. See Alsoft's homepage (Disk Warrior) for a complete explanation.
    2. There have been countless threads here on the merits/demerits, necessity, etc. of defragmentation. In short, improvements in the OS and HD technology have made it almost unnecessary, except for users who use very large files, like video rendering etc. OS X automatically defragments files up to 20MB anyway, so the time spent defraging a disk is considered by many to be a waste of time.
    3. I haven't used the disk cloning function of Drive Genius, so I can't comment on it, I use the latest version of the freeware application Carbon Copy Cloner, which is excellent, by the way.
    4. If you can't boot from the DG disk, copy the application to a bootable clone on an external drive, boot from that disk to run DG or other disk utilities, or to run the defrag application if you want to see if it improves your drive's performance. (make sure you have your data backed up and that you have the time required, it can take several hours for a large, fully used disk).
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