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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jscottl, Mar 20, 2006.

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    here is my delema, I have 10 Power Macintosh 5260/120 and what I want to do is make an image of one of the machines and replicate the image to the rest of the machines so that all machines are load with the same thing. Is this possible?
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    Carbon Copy Cloner Good program. You unlimited testing, but if you use it, pay the guy 5 bucks per licence,or at least 5 bucks.

    The program works for me.

    This is not a net-boot option, rather it creates a boot able clone that can then be replicated across all of your machines. CCC has saved my ass a few times. If you don't have an external drive, you might want to bring up each machine in Target Disk Mode. Best pratice would be this, Set up one machine so that it is the way you want it. I would highly recomend formating the drives before you clone to them.

    Scratch this, if your running OS9, this won't work and you can TD mode the computers.

    Option #2 Silver Keeper will make a bootable copy of an OS 9 drive. Look for the OS 9 version, it runs on 9.2. though.

    Read this article. It talks a little about OS 9's internal cloner, but it has been ages since I have used OS 9- and I just can't remember.

    You could remove the "master" drive and all of the others, and use CCC in conjunction with a Cables Unlimited USB 2.0 to IDE Cable with Power Adapter. I picked up one at TigerDirect for 15$us (screw their rebates-bastards!) sans rebates. It would be a good try.
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    I think SuperDuper is the best option, having used CCC before. Its free to use the bacis features but something like $15 or 20 to get options like smart update and such. I think you'll find its the most popular drive cloner, from what I've heard people say around here anyways...

    If you have one OS X machine, you can use that to clone as many drives as you need or to make a disk image and clone the image to each individual drive.

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