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    I've not long had a new imac. I like to install windows xp for the few apps on need on that os. i have my mac drive partitioned, split 250 each side. First half for mac os and second for general data use. When I run bootcamp from apps it states that the mac requires a single partitioned drive. Is it possible the second partitioned can be deleted and integrated back as part of the main partition? Or do I need to format and start all over fresh?

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    Here are two options.

    1. Use a third party non-destructive partitioning tool, such as iPartition - be sure to make a backup just in case

    2. A little more involved, but free.
    • Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone drive to an external
    • Boot from external
    • Format internal using Disk Utility
    • Use CCC to clone external drive back to newly formatted internal

    The latter is the process I use when I upgrade internal hard drives.

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