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    On my Mac I have 5 drives. Names are DRIVE_1 to DRIVE_5. DRIVE 1 & 2 are the same drive, just 2 partitions of that hard drive. DRIVE_3 is a second hard drive all on its own. DRIVE_4 is a firewire hard drive, and DRIVE_5 is an internal Superdrive.

    So, how do I denote these volumes in terminal? Let's say I want to open FOLDER on DRIVE_4, what would I type in terminal to tell it to switch from throot drive (DRIVE_1) to DRIVE_4? But really, just tell me how to get to the root of another drive, and I'll be fine. You can even just fill out this form:


    I want to access DRIVE_3, when I open terminal I type?

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    1. cd / *this will take you to the root*
    2. cd Volumes *this is where all the drives are,eg cd/dvd, hard drives etc*
    3. ls *it will show all drives*
    4. cd drive_4/folder4/any possible subfolder

    hope it helps
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    simplistic way:

    to see my mounted volumes, i cd /
    then i ls to see what is in the directory.
    then i cd to Volumes
    and so on.....

    you beat me to it abhishekit!
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    the thing is most people dont know how to get to the drive or whats on it.
    Easiest way is to do cd /Volumes/(volume name, if it has spaces "type it like this with quotes" or do\ it\ this\ way\ putting\ a\ backslash\ before\ the\space)/(folder).

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