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    Available, (mostly) working drivers around the internet

    Okay, here goes some blatant plagiarism. I have this information directly form this thread over at the OSx86 Project Forum. Sorry if this copying pisses anyone off, but it's a handy way to have everything in one place. Please add your experiences. (I don't own an Intel Mac yet, so don't ask me anything about these drivers.)

    iMac, MacBook Pro & Mac mini

    iMac, MacBook Pro & Mac mini

    iMac (supposedly unconfirmed)
    MacBook Pro

    iMac, MacBook Pro & Mac mini (Hardware is the same as in the D-Link dongle, but doesn't work.)

    iMac, MacBook Pro & Mac mini (No sound through speakers, only through headphones.)

    Graphics card:
    Intel's own GMA950 drivers for the Mac mini's Intel integrated graphics chip don't seem to work.
    Omega's drivers, ATI's own Catalyst drivers, Toshiba's drivers, the ASUS drivers... They all don't do anything for both the MacBook Pro and the iMac.
    (Apple seems to use a UGA BIOS instead of a standard VGA one on the grahpics cards, so unless full UGA drivers magically come along anytime soon, you'll be out of luck.)

    iSight, IR port & Apple Remote:
    All still not working.

    With both iPartition ($45) and DiskStudio ($50) you can partition your Mac's hard drive without wiping it. No free solutions, both of them, but they might be worth their money if you really don't want to lose your current installation.
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