Driving from Miami to Cape Canaveral tips

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mac Rules, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Morning All,

    I'll be flying into Miami for a short trip this week and first thing on the itinerary after landing is driving immediately up towards Cape Canaveral.

    Given this is a 3.5 hour drive and i'll be jetlagged, I figure a stop or two on the way might be in order. Does anyone have an specific recommendations for quick visits/bites?

    I'll be landing around 2/3pm so will have a few hours of daylight...

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    Fort Lauderdale is just up the coast from Miami (30 minutes drive). Next up would be West Palm Beach area. If you drive A1A it will be slow but pretty, maybe spend a little time on A1A to see the scenery.

    Once you get up bast West Palm Beach I-95 heads a little inland so not much to see.

    Not done the drive myself on the coast though, only on I-95 south towards MIA.

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