Drm free iTunes videos


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Jan 26, 2006
Whitehouse, OH
I'd have to think he believes the studios are less likely to drop DRM on something that cost them $100M+ to make, compared to an album which costs considerably less.


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Jul 18, 2008
The one time I recall him commenting on it, he was not for DRM on audio because the CDs originally are shipped that way (sans DRM). The subject of DVDs was then raised, and he said something along the lines of DVDs being in a different boat, because in that case the circumvention of DRM was required.

My guess is DRM on videos in itunes has little to do with his original proclamation, and more to do with studio insistence. The only reason the music mafia relented on DRM-free music was, officially anyways, due to them finally getting control over tiered pricing. My personal opinion is that they had already allowed other on-line retailers to go DRM-free with the hopes of knocking itunes off of its dominant perch. When that didn't happen, they did what they always do, which is grab what money they could and ran (RIAA, that is).

The MPAA is going to fight hard to deny Apple the ability to restruction them for the digital age the way Apple did the music industry. Then again, with Steve Jobs, who knows? With as private and secretive as that guy is, he might have been sipping a soy latte one day while thinking over DRM on video, burnt his tongue, and decided to lash out by locking it up with encryption.
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