Droid X vs iPhone 4 first impressions

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jp700p, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. jp700p macrumors regular

    Jun 28, 2010
    I got a chance to play with the Droid X for about an hour today at the Verizon store. The store sold out of all phones and were taking a list. Heres my thoughts:


    The screen is responsive and very large. I liked the big 4.3 screen size. The colors were rich and the colors were very punchy (saturated) which I like. And the black contrast was amazing. However, I still prefer the iPhone 4's screen due to the Retina display. You can see the pixels on the X but not on the iPhone. Also when there is strong light, the screen was not as bright as the iPhones as the picture above.

    Swiping from screen to screen was smooth, but their was some lag (just a tiny hint). The iPhone was smoother with no lag. The iPhone seemed more responsive on the screen. With the X, you really had to press your finger on the screen a little harder comparatively.

    While its great the keyboard is multi-touch, but it looks like a cluttered mess. I was able to type on it fast but did mis-key some words. Again, I only had about an hour to play with it, so maybe I could use more practice. iPhone's keyboard is more compact and clean.

    Web Browsing
    Browsing was a little slower compared with the iPhone 4, but thats going to change with Android 2.2 apparently. When I tried to load up espn.com (both phones never went to that site) the iPhone 4 crushed it by loading it 3x quicker.

    I "death gripped" the phone in every way and could not make the antenna go down.

    Build Quality
    The X was much more well made and solid then the HTC EVO. But did not feel "expensive" when compared with the iPhone 4. Its not as elegant either. The back has an odd curve to is, and I didn't appreciate the huge cowboy buckle "Verizon" displayed right about the home buttons. The X is a well built phone, but you got to hold one to see what I mean.

    Overall I think the Droid X is a great phone. If I was on Verizon, that would be my choice of phone. But I still think the iPhone 4 is still better then the Droid X because of Android. Android looks and feels like Windows 98, while iPhone 4 feels like.. well.. OSX. Every little detail such as the beautiful fonts, sharp crisp icons and no lag response makes up a great phone.

    Droid X is a good phone, but its no iPhone.
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    Sep 16, 2007
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    May 29, 2010
    I appreciate you taking the time out to review the DroidX, but once I saw you say that the Droid's AMOLED screen was punchy, I stopped reading.

    At least know what you're reviewing.

    And learn to spell.
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    That's not a review, that's an impression.
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    For a phone, i thinks its too big for my liking ...wish they made it the size of the first Droid.
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    One more thing. Why does everyone feel the need to compare every Android phone that comes out to the iPhone? I only see this on these forums. Does everyone here have that big of a chip on their shoulders? Lets face it. The DroidX outspecs the iPhone, and out-networks the iPhone.

    Droid X wins. What's with all of this elegant talk anyway? I don't live on caviar and don't attend elegant dance halls every night. Who cares that my phone is elegant? What's so elegant about it? The glass backing that's already scratched up?

    Let's face it -- the iPhone isn't THAT elegant considering I have to cover it up with a case.
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    Engadget and other blogs post the same crap and call it "reviews"

    Do they not?
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    Tom G.

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    If you want an "unbiased" opinion then I would recommend that you go to an Android forum. I'm sure the roid fanbois will fall all over themselves giving you an "unbiased" opinion.
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    One word: Insecurity
    They want to have the biggest baddest device on the block:rolleyes:
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    You hit the nail on the head.

    "iPhone 4 is still better then the Droid X because of Android."

    The single biggest problem with any Android device is simply Android. We need to move FORWARD not backward. Android is step (make that multiple) backwards in terms of usability.
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    Jul 15, 2010
    SF BAY
    It is a bit less intuitive than the iPhone 4. Once you realize theres a menu button it makes much more sense though.

    Im interested to see what 2.2 and 3.0 bring because it seems Android is improving extremely quick.
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    May 29, 2010
    Fixed it for you.

    I was able to do many more things on my nexus than I am able to do on my i4.

    Much cheaper, I might add.

    Voice Control text, call, search, browse? Check

    Free Navi? Check

    Refund any app I didnt like within 24 hours? Check

    Push out an image on a remote corporate PC without having to rush home or to the office? (i'm in IT). Check

    It might not have all been EASY, but it was far more usable.

    Oh and make a phone call without dropping? Check

    Had to get the last one in there, it wouldn't be an i4 post without it :)

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