Drop-in Processors?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by mac.head.high, Jan 20, 2006.

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    So I've seen these drop-in processors for G3's and G4's by Sonnet, OWC and some others. But can any one give me some advice on these. I want to drop one in my G4 533 Digital Audio just to get it above 1GH, but it's working so flawlessly I don't want any hiccups, or driver issues. I've spoken with the tech department at Sonnet a bunch of times already, but now I need some real-world advice from some real-world people.

    Mainly I want to know if these upgrades are even worth it.

    Any info on this topic would be much appreciated.
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    Dec 19, 2004
    The only ones that would be worth it would be the single processor ones from gigadesigns. http://www.gigadesigns.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=8. These will give you a noticeable speed boost and allow your machine to continue on for a couple more years. If you want more power get one of these http://www.gigadesigns.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=3. I selected Gigadesigns since they seem to give the best bang for the buck.

    I've done a number of processor upgrades and have never had any real problems. The only negative I experienced was one from Powerlogix that would not allow my tower to go into sleep mode. As far as I know that problem only occurs with Powerlogix processors.

    If you want to see other peoples experiences with Gigadesigns chech here. http://forums.xlr8yourmac.com/cpureview.lasso In step 1 choose "Apple G4 AGP slot", in step 2 choose "Giga Designs"

    How much RAM do you have? Bringing that machine past 768mb will help out alot.

    Edit: Never mind I just read how much memory your DA had in you sig.

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