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Apr 12, 2001

CloudOn has announced it has been acquired by popular document storage and syncing service Dropbox, with the two companies joining forces to advance document editing, storage, and more through the cloud. As part of the deal, CloudOn's existing services will shut down on March 15.

Today, we're taking the next step toward our vision of reimagining docs - by joining the Dropbox team. Our companies share similar values, are committed to helping people work better, and together we can make an even greater impact.
As pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, Dropbox has been purchasing dozens of small startups to bolster its overseas presence, and CloudOn gives Dropbox a presence in Israel. According to Dropbox's head of product, business and mobile, Ilya Fushman, the CloudOn partnership is the largest number of employees added into the company through an acquisition.

CloudOn rose to prominence three years ago when it launched an iPad app that used the mobile device as an interface for a full cloud-based app located on their servers, allowing users to run an instance of Microsoft Office on their iPads. CloudOn's services have evolved over time, but the company has continued to focus on Office document editing and creation, making a partnership with Dropbox a natural fit.

Article Link: Dropbox Acquires Document Editing Service CloudOn


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Apr 16, 2014
I wonder what this will do with their Microsoft partnership...


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Jul 11, 2008
Please make a dedicated music app please. I thought that that is what you were doing when you bought Audiogalaxy, but that was several years ago. Carousel for Photos, Dropbox Music for Music files.
I'll "here, here" the "glad Apple didn't acquire Dropbox" comments.

I'm one of those Cloudon customers and they were a pretty good option for MS Office needs via iDevices right up until MS rolled out office apps for free. After installing them, I haven't had to use Cloudon since.

I'm guessing iCloud (and iCloud Drive) is Apple trying to do the same for users of services like Dropbox. But wow, do they ever have a (seemingly long) ways to go.

Nice to get the extra 1GB on Dropbox.
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