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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by FrankieTDouglas, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. FrankieTDouglas macrumors 65816

    Mar 10, 2005
    Am I missing something that, to me, seems like a no brainer. We can now add additional apps to share to in different places in iOS. For example, now photos can share the image to Evernote, LinkedIn, etc. But where is Dropbox in all of this? The ability to select 5 photos and share them directly into my Dropbox account would be so much easier than the manual uploading into Dropbox's app.

    Does this already exist and I'm just missing it somehow?
  2. gordon1234 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 23, 2010
    Dropbox registers as a storage provider, which means apps should be able to edit or access files stored in Dropbox. Dropbox does not currently add a share extension for apps to send files to. However, it does register as a handler for basically every filetype, which means you can just select "open in Dropbox" from the share screen at which point you'll be prompted to choose a location within Dropbox to save the file. This is not new to iOS 8, but it's honestly almost exactly how a Dropbox share extension would work, only you have to manually switch back to the app you started from this way.


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