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    Does dropbox use the mac os x keychain for anything? I have tried asking dropbox support but they just referred me to FAQ, which doesn't say. I am using mac os x mountain lion and latest version of dropbox. I don't see any entries in my keychain for dropbox. The app seems to be working fine, just want to clarify about keychain...seems to be a touchy subject since dropbox support won't respond.
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    I run Dropbox also and like you, I have no entries for the Dropbox app in my Keychain... so I'm going to say they don't use the keychain for PW storage.

    Edit with what I think is the real answer:

    After looking in the Dropbox forums a little more, I found a couple tidbits that I think point the way.

    From the last post in this thread:

    Then here in the old release notes for version 1.2:

    So what it looks like is they are not using the Keychain to store the password, they are just having the local Dropbox password storage file (it appears to be in ~/.dropbox/hostkeys) look for the presence of your authorized Keychain before allowing access. So if you moved the hostkeys file to another machine, it would not work.
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    Dropbox - Why does Dropbox require Mac Keychain access?

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