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    I've been doing research for a program to first be able to back up my computer files and have access to on my iPhone 3GS as well. Second, I want a program that due to the cloud storage I can use once I purchase my first iMac and be able to transfer my documents, photos music etc. from my PC to the iMac.

    I came across DropBox and SugarSync.I know since I want to use it as a full computer back up drive that I will need one of the paid subscriptions which is fine. I see both programs offer this. However, I see SugarSync is cheaper. My question is which program despite the cheaper SugarSync which one DropBox or SugarSync is better? I see that many other apps and programs (which I'm looking at as well) are more compatible with DropBox such as 1Password, iCab, Atomic web browsers, etc.

    I want a program that is the most universal and compatible with the majority of other iMac and iOS devices since by year end i will own iPhone 5, 27"iMac, and iPad2

    I'd appreciate any recommendations thank you!

    EDIT: I will have to initially use the PC Desktop Version before the iMac Version till I purchase the iMac
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    Get the free version of both. ;)

    Seriously, play around with both before you make up your mind, both have their strengths and weaknesses. I've been using Dropbox for quite a while now, and only recently came across SugarSync.

    You might also be interested in reading this thread: Anything better than Dropbox?

    Still not sure which of the two I'd want to buy more space from. Neither Dropbox, which give you up to 100 GB or Sugarsync, up to 250 GB is really enough to store everything I would like to back up.

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