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    Dec 30, 2012
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    Transferring large files from remote hard drive to another remote hard drive, is "DropBox" an advisable choice ?
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    Are you saving files from drive a to dropbox then downloading to drive b from dropbox?

    Are both drives at same location?

    Doing it via dropbox you are limited buy up and download speed of your web connection.

    Not my preferred method, but depend on your situation as little info has been given.
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    Dec 30, 2012
    Palmetto Florida
    All the HD'S are connected to my Mac Pro via USB. I have two HD'S 73 & 37 GB is use each. Documents; 37 KB.
    Now I have a 1TB remote HD that I want to move all the files to. Drag & Drop will take hours & hours. I'm looking for a faster method.
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    Jun 14, 2010
    Why would you think copying them out to an Internet storage site would be faster?

    What do you mean by "a 1TB remote HD"? Where does that HD sit? Remote usually means a different physical location.

    If all the drives are physically in one place and connected to your computer, drag and drop is one way but I'd look to use something like CarbonCopyCloner or a similar tool to clone the file structure over and validate that the copy was successful.

    If your old drives are USB2 this is going to be a slow operation no matter what. Start it up and go do something else for a few hours.
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    Also, while you're of course welcome to post questions wherever you like, you may find more people familiar with the Mac Pro over on subforum specific to that model rather than this one which focuses on the Macbook model.

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