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    Undoubtedly this has been discussed previously, but it's beginning to be annoying. I use my iPhone a lot for business and I am regularly (at least 2-3 a day) getting dropped from a conversation for no apparent reason (i.e. low signal strength). I have the latest version 2.2 installed and ATT suggests that I turn off my phone occasionally rather than leaving it on 24/7. Done all these things with no results. Has the iPhone community at large suffered from this and if so what is the consensus regarding its source?

    All other aspects about the phone and service are exceptional.
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    I haven't really had any problems since 2.2 but I haven't used the phone a great deal since I've taken some time off after updating. I did have issues with 2.1 but have noticed that it seems to get slightly better with each update. Also, according to AT&T, a good bit of the issues are occuring due to the fact that many people are still using older versions of the firmware. These people are said, by Apple and AT&T, to be causing more dropped calls for everyone since the fix to resolve the issues are in the later updates. I don't know how true this is but it does sound reasonable.
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    So, is it really fundamentally a software issue, or is there a flawed chip or something with the software being a workaround fix?

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