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    Hey Guys,

    My Fiancee dropped her iPhone into the sink at work about 3 weeks ago. When she got the phone out of the sink the main home/menu button wouldn't work and the phone was randomly calling people and playing music to itself. She decided to put the phone on the heater at work and left it until the end of her shift, after she finished work the phone seemed to be functioning fine, it would charge, connect to her in-car iPhone system and she told me everything was working.

    Today she connected it to her laptop to sync some new music, the phone backed up and then an update was prompted. She clicked to preform the update and after the update he phone has set itself to recovery mode, she has tried several times to recover the handset and now just gets an error from iTunes telling her that the handset can't be recovered.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong? Is this the result of her dropping it in the water??

    Hope you guys can help,
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    Oct 18, 2008
    Have you used tinyumbrella to backup SHSH's before? if so, it may well have left itunes looking at the cydia server, which will fail on updating to 4.2.1 due to new baseband check and leave it in recovery.

    check your hosts file/run tinyumbrella and tell it to not protect baseband, and then restore again and it might work. ( unless you're relying on unlock, then don't )
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    Hard to say, but if you never jailbroke, it sounds like the problem could be stemming from the water damage. :(
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    Lots of different unofficial programs for the iPhone may edit your hosts file. Open it in notepad and check for any entries for apple.com and comment them out or remove them.

    If that does not work it could be the water damage but if it worked fine before you tried to update you may be lucky.
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    If this was more recent, I would have said put in rice (maybe you did, but if you haven't already, it wouldn't be a bad idea). :)

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