Dropped mighty mouse - still green light but doesn't work


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Dec 11, 2009

I dropped my flatmates mighty mouse (I think it is anyway, googled it) and now it doesn't work. I only dropped it like 15 cm off the floor but now it doesn't work. It connected with the computer for like 10 seconds then went again and it can't seem to connect. It still shows a green light when you click it but the cursor doesn't move and it can't connect. The computer sometimes finds the device but can't connect. Have I broken it? Please help, my flatmate's away and I need to fix it before he gets back!!


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Mar 12, 2006
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Try replacing the batteries.

Try reconnecting the mouse to Bluetooth by going into the Apple () menu in the upper-left corner of the screen, select System Preferences, then select "Bluetooth". From here, remove and attempt to re-add the mouse. Hopefully it'll detect it and start working again.

If all else fails, it may need to be replaced. If the computer is still covered under warranty, so is the mouse (as long as you *don't* tell them you dropped it). Either give Apple a call or visit the nearest Apple Store. They'll swap it out for free and on the spot, provided the computer is covered under warranty still.

You can find out if it's under warranty by either (a) calling Apple, (b) taking the computer -- or the computer's serial number -- to the Apple Store, with the mouse or (c) ask your flatmate.


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Dec 11, 2009
This is probably not the same problem as you are getting a green light, but just in case.

When my 1 year old got hold of the Mighty Mouse a couple of years ago she ruined the metal arc or spring under the battery cover. One end of this spring presses on a switch just below the 'eye' of the mouse. Without the right pressure the mouse switched off when placed on the desk.

To check if this is happening to you, hold the mouse 'right side up' over your head so that you can observe the green light as it would be when flat on your desk. Better yet use a glass desk or coffee table and check from underneath.

If this is the problem you can try jamming some folded up paper between the spring and the switch to increase the pressure. Over time this fix has stopped working for me, so now I've just jammed a bit of paper down a crack in the switch to keep it on permanently.
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