Dropped signal then no sim mesage?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by jbellanca, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. jbellanca macrumors 6502

    Jul 2, 2007
    I'm sitting in my kitchen today with 5 bars of signal. Three rimes today, the signal totally drops and the phone says "no signal" - just dropped it. Then I reboot the phone, and it says "no sim". I reboot again, and same message. reboot again, and it locks in 5 bars of signal, no problem.

    Today is the first time this has happened - it's been perfect before now. Anyone else having this issue at all? Sounds like it could be hardware or software related.
  2. unity macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2005
    Green Bay, WI
    Before an AT&T or Apple store around you closes at night (in case you need a new sim card) I would eject the Sim card and make sure its in right. To me it sounds like the sim card got dislodged or is not in right. Worst case, its defective and you can get a new Sim card for free.
  3. bpmc macrumors newbie

    Dec 14, 2010
    Did you solve the problem? I have somthing similar in my Iphone. Can you share what was done?

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