Drupal and PHP developer review of rMB 1.3

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by steinmb, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Picked up one as a test. Wanted to see if it was fast enough to be used as an developer machine with my workflow. The short story, yes it is. I opted for the 1.3Ghz/256GB version. No scientific reason to the 1.3, just wanted to make sure I could give my the peak performance I needed. PHP and web development in general mostly need CPU is short bursts. This is my current workflow and findings after two weeks use:
    • Safari is really good saving power (battery) though I mostly use Firefox if I debug webpages js/CSS.
    • Editor Sublimetext 2 is lightweight and I had no doubt it should not run fast and cool.
    • IDE - PHPStorm. Feels fast even for a Java application on this size. Being a IDE is uses some extra cpu scanning the open projects etc. Make sure to pop the IDE into power saving mode (PHPstorm have one) to stop it from scanning and processing/analyzing your code in the background.
    • Local webserver Apache. Stock server provided with OS X.
    • Local database server, Mariadb (MySQL clone) installed from homebrew. Fast even on large databases (>2GB).
    • Local Ruby, PHP 5.6 and 7.0 installed from homebrew. Fast.
    • I use Dash to grab and download ref. documentations. Fast and light.
    • Battery: Enough for a entire day. I now leave my charger at home. Normally do I have 20-30% left in the afternoon. Not a issue for me at all.
    • Keyboard: Good. I mean, really goood. I really like it. The up/down arrow keys are to me harder to hit. They are smaller then I'm used to. Might just be my way of typing.
    • Weight: Ooooh just lovely. Still find my checking my bag to make sure it is really there and I did not forget it at the coffee shop :)
    • Screen: I use medium resolution. I find that best, especially working in bright light/sunlight. I might crank it to the max when the fall and rain sets in.
    Moved from an 15" MBP 2011 model with 16GB and SSD disks and did not need to do any adjustments in my work flow. The only thing I have been watching is the power consumption made by Safari vs Firefox and I went for Safari as my default browser but still use Firefox as my developer browser/platform. Chrome is still bad and like to consume you battery if you let it.
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    Nov 2, 2006
    And Yourself?
    Very similar (and wonderful) experiences here after using my rMB for my software engineering needs. Performance has been wonderful, no issues handling whatever I have been throwing at it. The screen is an absolute stunner, and like you I absolutely love the keyboard!! I develop mostly in C# and JQuery and I have my screen scaling down to as small as it can get. Battery life has also been spectacular. This thing is the real deal in my eyes.

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