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Sep 25, 2003
we've got DSL that we've been running through a 2wire router. since my room is just out of range of the 2wire router and we were going to get a new iMac, we decided to bring an airport base station and an airport extreme into the fold. currently, the base station is hooked up to the router, and the airport extreme is about 20 feet away from my room. it worked for a little while, but safari has been buggy, lately (i think the recent security updates have seriously screwed up safari) and i tried to do some tweaking.

to cut to the chase, i'm sitting 10 feet away from the airport express and my airport express assistant no longer recognizes that it's there. when i get to the network setup stage, it says that it recognizes it. when i continue, it's no longer there. can anyone help?


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Jul 23, 2002
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Also make sure you update all the AirPort bases to the latest firmware. AirPort Extreme is 5.5.1 and AirPort Express is 6.1.1.


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Feb 27, 2004
London, UK
Artful Dodger said:
Follow the other 2 posts and just FWIW my 2.4GHz phone drops my airport out alot even after I checked the "use interference robustness".
I just moved the phone farther away and that has helped. :rolleyes:
You can also try changing the channel on the airport if you're getting interference...
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