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DSL modem and airport express?


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Jun 9, 2009
I have a mac book pro 15" 2008 that the Ethernet isn't working at all.So, I've been using the USB to Ethernet adapter to connect to the DSL modem. But if some reason lately the Mac doesn't stayed connected to the internet. But the wireless connection is working perfectly. So, I'm been thinking of going wireless. I also have ATT router (a 2Wire 2701HG) and Hp computer using the att dsl modem. Will the current airport express work with the Wire 2701HG modem or will I need to get a newer DSL modem so it will work with the air port express?

I'm asking also because I saw this link on the apple forum website.

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Jan 23, 2005
The Airport Express should work just fine. Go to the below screen in Airport Utility and put the AE in bridge mode so you don't have two routers essentially working at the same time.

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