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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ArchiMark, Aug 29, 2007.

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    My current DSL modem crapped out on me that I got from Earthlink, my isp...

    Was using it connected to an old Apple Airport Basestation and an Asante ethernet router at home...

    Decided to try and simplify my network equipment and eliminate one or two AC adapters and pieces of equipment by buying one of those 'all-in-one' units that I saw on sale at Fry's....

    Bought a Diamond SupraMax DSL642WLGV2 unit. Works great except turns out that the configuration CD included only works on Windows computers and the web-base configuration page I can't seem to connect to. Have tried with Safari, Firefox, and IE...

    Have called Diamond several times, but they say they don't support Macs (even though it lists Macs on the box)...

    So, wondering is there anyway to set network security within OSX?

    I did this before using the Airport Admin Utility (think this is what it's called...) software. But if I'm eliminating the Airport station what do I do???

    Or should I return this unit and get another one? If so, any suggestions???

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    When configuring the router you need to create a new network configuration. Open network in system prefs and create a new configuration. Set:

    Configure IPv4 = Manual
    Address =
    Subnet =

    That will assign a fixed IP in the router's LAN to your Mac so the router will see it in its subnet.

    Then you should be able to access the router admin using as the URL and follow the steps starting on p 18 of the manual (I downloaded it and looked at it)

    They mean they don't have an installer program for Mac. If you use the web interface OS doesn't matter.

    When you get the router configured you'll want to create another configuration and set configure IPv4 = Using DHCP Your new router should then (if its working) assign the first available IP address in the range you set for DHCP on the admin screens...
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    THANKS, MacUSerSince87

    WOW, THANKS for all that excellent information, MacUserSince87.

    Really appreciate it!!!!


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