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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SaleenS351, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I just got my parents an emac and they are currently having trouble with getting their DSL up and running. They have a plan with ispeed, when they came to hook it up the guy didn't know how to set it up on mac. So he gave them the IP address and gateway numbers along with the DNS servers. But they're still having trouble getting on the internet. Is it possible that ispeed is not compatable with mac? If anyone else has ispeed and could lend some help that would be great. Unfortunately they live in another sate and this is thier first mac so I'm not there to help, I've been trying to talk them through it on the phone but you know how that is.
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    i'd check if the DSL signal is really active first (check the modem status lights). It took them 2 weeks to figure out that my DSL wasn't connected at the phone co.

    If they're website is www.speed.net, then they do support OS X, it should be enough to enter all the info into the network pref section.
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    it should just be a case of buying the ethernet based router/ modem and entering the password and username and your on , you can enter details manually but normally the modem does this job just make sure its not usb as this can cause problems with macs .

    also vpi and vci values might need adjusting

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