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jeremy h

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Jul 9, 2008
I need a monitor for my 7D for video work. I'm in the UK so I'm going to have to pretty much buy blind. (I've done a quick search on here but not much turned up by way of recommendations.)

So... I seem to have 3 options...

Lilliput - cheap. Anyone used one of these? What can I expect from one? Do they work ok?

smallHD - thinking about the 7" basic one. Look great on paper but the few reviews I've seen seem to suggest that Marshal have the edge but the reviews are a few years old.

Marshal - some good reviews but I think it would be the 5" and looks lower res than the smallHD?

Other brands I can get here are Swit, Ruige and JVC

What do you use? Can anyone help with any experience / thoughts / ideas.


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Oct 11, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Hey Jeremy,

I've used the TV Logic and it is positively beautiful and fantastic. Also, it's super sharp which helps for landing focus on these single-chip cameras. Unfortunately, it's also substantially more expensive than the others you've mentioned.

I had some nightmares with the Marshall (inaccurate colors, fidgety connections, etc.) so I'd probably avoid that one.

Also, one other thing to consider; are you doing most of your shooting indoors or outdoors? If you are going to be outdoors most of the time you may want to consider an EVF instead. I love my TV Logic but every time I'm outside the glare makes me wish I had an EVF instead. Just something to think about.


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May 1, 2006
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I have an Ikan D5. It works fine in HDMI with the 5D and in HD-SDI with the Alexa. Very sharp, good brightness, it has peaking, false color, 1:1 pixel zoom...
It's not very sturdy (plastic case), but it's a good compromise between features and price. It has interchangeable plates to accomodate most batteries.
I can send you a link to the place I bought it from in the EU by PM, if you're interested.


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Jul 27, 2010
i've seen the liliput in action - terrible colors - imho only useful if you have the camera on a crane and need to know what's going on (and have no money to spend on a better monitor).

i'm also looking at getting the ikan - when i have enough money and all other "really necessary" gear is bought (like a lighting kit, wireless audio, a b-cam...)

not sure if i should get a 5.6" or 7" - my cam got a 3.45" display (900k pixel) which is defenitly not enough for focusing accurately.

jeremy h

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Jul 9, 2008
Thanks for your responses.

Most of my shooting is indoors but I'm beginning to wonder about the Zacuto EVF. (It might well give me more flexibility). This does seem a really confused market - there doesn't seem to be a no-brainer choice at the various price points. They all seem to have an equal mix of advantages and disadvantages.

Juam - I would be interested in knowing where you got your Ikan. (Also - I've done a fair bit of diving over the years, I know it's off topic, but what are you using for your underwater stuff? A housed 5D I guess?)
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