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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by iaddict, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Okay, I live in a remote area where I can't get many channels worth having. I currently have a satellite provider but am thinking about discontinuing that. Just wondering how I can get content from major networks that I am interested in, download from internet and then somehow store and play over my tv when I'm ready. I've read about some different services so I'm interested in what's the best service for the least amount of money/work?

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    Oct 28, 2007
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    Yeah, Boxee either on your computer or an ATV would be good. The plusses are that it's free and you get a lot of content. The minus is the video quality.

    You could also go the Netflix/Roku route or Netflix "Watch Now" with your computer. The movie selection isn't that great (but it's been getting better), but the tv shows are really good. As a bonus, you still get your mail-service DVDs.
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    I have an XBOX so I assume you can get the same thing via XBOX Netflix as you can with Netflix/Roku or Watch Now with your computer. Can you confirm this?

    If so, can you watch most of the "current" Network TV Shows like 24, Heroes, Fringe etc...

    I have Cable "primarily" for the Network Shows. I also have 2 DVR's as well to record Network Shows. I do watch other show like CNBC and CNN which are Cable Show so pretty sure you can get them. However, I do stream CNBC (at a cost) to my PC.

    So, if Netflix can stream Network Shows as part of the $8.95 per month subscription then I would think Apple/iTunes/AppleTV could add that feature if they wanted. If not, I am getting Netflix soon.
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    Netflix only streams stuff that's come out on DVD, and if the content provider allows it. Also, for streaming through Xbox, you have to maintain an Xbox Live Gold membership.

    For current network shows, Boxee with its Hulu/CBS/etc integration is your best bet. If you want current-season high-def network shows as they come out, it's either an antenna or iTunes.
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    I cannot get current shows that are on CBS, NBC, etc without receiving them via an antenna or purchasing a particular show through iTunes, is that correct?
    Boxee, which is all new to me, doesn't carry current programming?
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    Many of the latest episodes are avaiable for streaming within 24 hours of the original air date (Heros, Battlestar Galactica, etc.). This is either via Hulu or the networks themselves.

    Example: The 2/10 episode of Fringe is available via Hulu (I just watched it on my DVR tonight..., but in HD). THe 2/9 episode of Heros is also avail. Unfortunately, most HD versions are not available for free. The 2/11 episode of General Hospital is on (or via Boxee), and 2/12 will be here on 2/13.

    If you have the right ISP live sports is easy with (unfortunately, I don't have one of those ISPs).


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