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Sep 30, 2011
Martinsburg, WV
Ok first some background. I have a 3 story townhouse. My modem is on the top floor connected to a 3rd generation aebs. It works but it doesn't hit every room in the house. We live mostly on the middle floor where the signal is sub par. I ordered the new aebs which should be here friday. My question is should I keep the same setup and add the new aebs to the middle floor and set it up to extend my signal or should I replace the top floor aebs with the new one and bring the 3rd gen one to the middle floor?


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Sep 8, 2011
Will the 2nd one be connected via Ethernet or wi-fi? If you're connecting your 2nd station wirelessly, it really doesn't much matter which one is "Primary". You're going to get lowest-common-denominator throughput either way.

If you're connecting the 2nd unit via Ethernet, and that's the location where "most" of your connections are made, then you could see a benefit to using the new one for the middle floor. You have the .ac connection there, for any devices (current or future) that you have with .ac support. Of course that's only beneficial for local traffic on your network, very likely your Internet service is the bottleneck - it is for most of us - and .ac won't really give a tangible benefit there.
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