Dual Boot Windows... Raid Card Installed

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Hi All,

    I've recently made the move from PC to Mac. One of the few things I want to continue to be able to use from my PC is Far Cry 2.

    I made the 'mistake' of ordering a Raid Card with my Mac, unaware until I started using it that it doesn't work with Boot Camp - fantastic . So that's a waste of my 4 hard drives in the bays.

    I've tried VM Ware, but it only supports Shader Level 2, not 3 required by Far Cry 2.
    I've also tried Crossover & Crossover Games, neither of which work (the application disappears after executing "Play Far Cry".

    I read that it is possible to utilize the 2 unused SATA ports on the motherboard by connecting the eSata bracket. I bought the bracket and an Iomega HDD from the Apple Store... Boot Camp does not recognize the Hard Drive...
    Trying to boot from the windows CD and install directly to the hard drive via eSata returns the Windows Install Error "Unable to install to USB/Firewire Drives" (even though it is connected through eSata?!?)...
    As a last attempt at this madness I took the caddy apart, plugged the hard drive directly into my wife's PC and installed Vista to it. Put it back in the caddy, booted to that drive in the boot options mac menu and got an error (little surprise there).

    Soooo, I can't think what else to try, short of throwing out a £500 Raid Card... has anyone else been in a similar situation or know anything I haven't tried yet?

    Many thanks !!!
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