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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by cr2sh, Oct 27, 2005.

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    May 28, 2002
    This thread may not prove of much worth around here but I've been wanting to increase the amount of ram I have in my pc... and I have a few questions. If anyone can answer them quantitatively.. I'd be thrilled.

    When I built my pc 6months ago I stocked it with corsair some value-select dual channel 512 chips. Priced around $90, it got me a gig and I was happy. Right now though, I've got two more slots... and I'm not quite ready to sink the $220 into a dual channel set of 1GB sticks.

    Can anyone point me towards benchmarks that actually show the performance benefit of dual channel memory? If I just grab a single 1GB stick and return the two 512's to single channel mode... will I be pissing away a performance opportunity?

    Also, I'll probably be purchasing an x800 for good measure. Top it all off and it should be a lean machine until I get the itching for a dual core chip.

    Please, no "this is a mac forum" comments, because in a year we'll all be PC users... the only difference is the OS.

    Thanks guys.
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    Not necessarily. Apple will be building Intel based Macs and not just shipping generic PCs.

    I would go look on a memory vendors website - say Crucial's to find out what the difference types of memory do for you.

    Or maybe look it up in the Wikipedia - they have a lot of technical entries.

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