Dual Display question


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Apr 1, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
So I finally got around to hooking up my T.V. as a second display for color correction needs. Now I understand that when you have 2 displays your V-ram is split to support each display, so does this mean that when I'm running V-ram intensive programs particularly Motion, will I see a downgrade in performance since the video card is driving both displays or how does that work? :confused:

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Apr 5, 2004
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Simply put, the more load you put on the GPU and its RAM, the slower a GPU-intensive app is going to run. I'm not sure if Motion uses VRAM or GPU cycles, but splitting displays isn't going to help performance, if that's your question.

Try it with and without the added display. If the difference is negligible, then don't worry about it. :)


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Jul 19, 2005
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connecting tv to mac

Hi TrashCanDan,

I read your post and was wondering how you managed to connect your tv to your mac. I would like watch films (stored on my mac) on my (regular, non-digital) tv. Do you happen to know wich cable I need to do that?

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