Dual Displays support and many other little things I noticed

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by 3282868, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I installed 10.9 last night on my Mac Pro5,1 12-Core w/ 2 27" LED LCD's. Noticed the following:

    - Menubar switches between transparencies depending on which display is active
    - Moving the mouse to the bottom of the other display moves the Dock to that display
    - Selecting Displays in System Preferences now lists which number display corresponds to the open preference windows

    - Much faster system, feels akin to what Snow Leopard was to Leopard
    - Love the focus on power and graphics
    - OpenGL 4.0 and 4.1 are 100% active now! 4.2 is 16%, that's a major leap for Apple in OS X.
    - When closing an open app's window, the indicator light dims, reappears when another window is open even though the app is running in the background.
    - Energy Saver now has custom scheduling for shutdown and startup times
    - Network: NAS access via Finder MUCH faster
    - Screen Sharing is improved in speed, less wireless access difficulties
    - Interestingly, images appear brighter on my displays. Most likely a placebo effect, yet even in Photoshop CS6 editing is faster, more detailed
    - New App Store preference pane allows for custom control over OS X app updates, even states my "computer is set to received pre-release Software Update seeds"
    - Keyboard - short hand text support, example "wt" brings up "What Time?" in a dialog box akin to iOS, pressing spacebar accepts it, or reject it with the "x". You can add/remove presets.

    Some bugs:
    - iStat Menu's and a few third party app's don't work well with 10.9's dual menubar.
    - iCloud accounts are a bit dodgy with passwords (I have a .Mac account along with new iCloud, everything worked fine on 10.8.4, however messages and email password acceptance is intermittent).
    - My overall performance score is ~150-200 points lower in 64-bit Geekbench than 10.8 (which is odd)
    - Contacts is almost too flat. The vertical lines separating sections is very faint as is the lighter grey labeling.
    - Windows boot volume not shown in "Startup Disk", although Paragon NFTS and ExtFS are reading corresponding non-OS X HFS volumes

    Things I'd still like to have:
    - Tabbed Finder browsing is good, would have liked multi-touch support for Finder as I used BetterTouchTool to navigate through Finder with 2-finger gestures and more
    - Sidebar icon colors. Used XftraFinder for such as well as cut/copy/paste/move, dual sidebars, etc
    - Customization of how the Menubar and Dock operate between displays (the menubar is much more transparent on the inactive display, would be nice to modify it)
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    Networked SMB transfers (OS X 10.9 <-> Win7) are much faster. I usually get 40-60 MB/s and now I'm getting 90+ MB/s (MBP SSD <-> RAID 5). This is awesome! *Just saw 109 MB/s; hell yeah!

    I have iStat 4.05 with dual displays and initially it was a bit off, but after a reboot iStat is working great on both menubars. Do you have secondbar installed? I had to quit it for the second native menu bar to work properly.

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    I did have Secondbar, removed it along with a few other menubar app's. I've read iStat is working so I'm definitely reinstalling it, thanks for the heads up. The AFP, SMB, etc are working so well I'm impressed. Huge difference from 10.7/8. :)

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