Dual-Lens System Vs a Larger, Higher-Resolution Sensor

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MICHAELSD, Oct 6, 2016.

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    The technology behind the dual-lens system opens up a lot of possibilities for mobile photography and a new generation of depth-sensing apps that will lead to more realistic augmented reality, but Apple has really only embraced the zoom features and is just scraping the surface of depth-sensing with the portrait feature of this dual-lens setup.

    Professional photographers, would a larger sensor with a higher resolution (24 megapixels?) to make up for the lack of "optical zoom" have been a better use of cost and space? As far as the possibilities and depth-sensing opportunities the dual-lens system provides go, it will be impressive down the road when it's opened up to developers. But for now, I'd be curious to argue the merits of a larger single camera sensor that would've provided better low-light photography vs the dual-lens system Apple ultimately implemented. It was implemented with good reason but I can't help but wonder what a single sensor twice as large would have been able to accomplish.
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    a big fat camera bump.
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    With the space for a sensor being as limited as it is in a mobile phone, upping the resolution to 24 megapixels would be pointless. Far, far better to use any extra space for a bigger sensor with bigger pixels than cramming in more tiny ones unnecessarily. You'll get much better picture quality from that than you would more, but smaller pixels.
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    The problem with a larger sensor is you then need more space between the lens assembly and sensor to cast the image over the larger area. The maximum sensor size is going to be determined by the thickness of the phone and I get the feeling it's probably about as large as it can get without increasing that. I think Nokia tried something with a sort of periscope lens assembly to increase the distance between lens and sensor but I don't know how that turned out.
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    I really like the dual lens system. I personally would prefer larger sensors AND dual lenses. Another mm or two of camera hump would bother me zero, the phone slides effortlessly in my pocket and the case makes it flush.

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