Dual mini pci-e card/riser card?

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    So I wanted to do the broadcom crystal HD upgrade but definitely nixed the idea because I had to replace the wireless card. So I know that there are some riser cards on flexible cables that would allow you to use multiple PCI cards but I have not found any for 2 mini pci-e cards. I figured even if that was the case it probably wouldn't work let alone fit but I was wondering if anyone has toyed with that idea. Also if that were the case my other idea was to take a USB wireless adapter and hard wire it to the mobo for the USB connection. Problem with that is getting the OS to recognize that as a WIFI card which I don't think would happen. Any feedback would be great thanks!

    After some more research:
    So I found a mini PCI-E to 2 regular PCI-e x1:

    Adapter for pci-e to mini pci-e:

    Now the only problem is either A) use two PCI-e x1 to MINI PCI-e card adapters or find a new wireless card that will work in the PCI-e x1 slot and then use an adapter for the 2nd pci-e x1 slot. Again I have a feeling this has no chance to work because I have a feeling that the hardware will not be supported in the OS. Also with that card you need an additional power source which may need to be tapped from the PSU or from the hard drive. It would be sweet if something like this would work, we would be able to use broadcom crystal hd card and have wireless internet!

    Edit: Found a possible adapter to go from pci-e to mini pci-e. So hardware looks like it may work now question is will the software be able to support it, can two hardware devices run along the same channel? The first adapter looks like it has an on/off switch so does it only allow one pci slot to work at once? Hmm time to ask the manufacturer.
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    Any luck?

    madesorgo, did you ever find a way to use both the wireless and video cards?

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