Dual monitors/MST support, rMBP with nvidia 750m

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mciancia, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Dec 25, 2013
    I have MBPr 2013 with nvidia 750m.
    Have anyone tested this lately model with MST hubs/monitors with displayport out?
    I know that in past MST didn't work under OS X but now i see that 4k MST displays are supported so i wonder if i could connect some kind of new monitor (I was looking at dell p2815Q) with DP out and daisychain it with my current DP monitor (dell u2713)
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    As far as I'm aware, daisy chaining using DP 1.2 still isn't supported in OS X. It will work in Windows, though.

    MST ≠ daisy chaining.
    MST monitors are supported, but in the sense that two separate signals will be sent over the cable to one monitor and then stitched together in that one monitor. No daisy chaining.
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    Dec 25, 2013
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    OP, MST support also depends on the display, the cables that you're using, and the OS version. With Dell displays, it's likely to be - at best - no more than a 30Hz refresh rate. The display's manual will offer what capabilities it had, provided it can negotiate a proper EDID connection with the host computer.

    I have the same rMBP you do, with Dell P2715Q displays. 10.10.2 couldn't get MST to work except in mirrored fashion, but 10.10.3 could get MST working but only to a max of 30Hz - the designed limitation of the displays as indicated in the manual.

    I have a Pegasus array attached via TB2 to my Mac, and a P2715Q attached via an Accell DP 1.2-compatible cable to my Mac, and a second P2715Q attached to the Pegasus array via via an Accell DP 1.2-compatible cable. I get a bit of lag to the display attached to the Pegasus as TB 1/2 carries DP 1.1a (far less throughput with 1.1a). TB 1/2 is hampered by its limitation of DP 1.1a IMHO. If I don't need to connect to the array I use two Accell cables to connect my Mac to my displays. All at up to 2160p and up to 60Hz.

    Pass on MST if you can - it's a stopgap measure to get us to what's available today.

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