dual os question - do you know anything of this technology?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by zeemeerman2, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I recently heard from my teacher of Cisco Academics that there will be in the near future a possibility to make the gap between dual booting and virtual machines (like VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox and Parallels) smaller.

    It would be possible to boot two OS's at once, say Mac and Windows for the sake of this forum, and when both are booted, one goes into standby, while the other is active for use.
    With the press of a shortcut key (Possibly a ...-Tab shortcut key, like Cmd-Tab switches applications and Ctrl-Tab switches tabs), you switch between the OS's, making the active one goes into standby and the other one become active.
    That makes it easier for users, freeing up resources by putting a complete OS in standby while working on the other one, and still have the advantages of virtual machine-like advantages (easy and fast switching between OS's, shared clipboard to copy something at one OS and paste it at another OS, etc...)

    This technology would be only available to a certain group of developers at the moment, and I can't find anything on Google about it (I don't even know which keywords to use to describe this to search about it).

    Does anyone know anything more about this technology?
    (Or just what are your thoughts about this technology?)

    Thanks for the reading. Please reply.

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    Isn't this essentially what the full blown server versions of VMWare do today?

    All of the guest OSes are run under a Hypervisor and are essentially equal.


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