dual screen issue, DVD full screen playback.


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I just purchased a second monitor and among other things I'd like to be able to watch a DVD full screen on one monitor while still being able to work/browse/design on the second monitor. I can put DVD player in fullscreen mode, and still see what's on the other monitor, however once I click back into another visible app, and DVD player becomes a background app, it jumps back out of full screen mode. Granted, I can still maximize it, but there is still all the additional clutter of interface, and a bit of the desktop showing through. Any ideas for playing the DVD fullscreen?


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Nov 7, 2004
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Look in preferences

In the DVD Player application preferences under the catagory 'Displays' check 'Remain in full screen when DVD Player is inactive'

This will remedy your problem... enjoy...


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Feb 9, 2003

I had the same problem with DVD player and have been using VLC to play DVD's in this way without any problems. VLC has a simple menu item under video in which you can set the video device, either monitor A or B and set at fullscreen.
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